Thanks to Amos Rocha and Kimberly Burkhouse for their purchases of our 2010 Spotlight Sale bucklings, *B Colquitt's Sedric Andre and *B Eder's Aldebaran.

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I have been breeding toggs for over 50 years. It sure doesn't seem that long but I did start when I was in 4H. My herd has always been small. This year I will freshen about 26. Now that my children are grown I handle the herd essentially by myself so I have to keep the numbers down.

I have had my animals classified/linear appraised at least every other year since the programs started. All of my does are appraised at 86-92, with nearly all mature does  scoring excellent! I enjoy showing at 4-5 fairs and several club shows each year, most within a 2 hour drive from home. All of my milkers are shown at the fairs as I have no one at home to milk for me when I am gone. I seldom have dry or retired does.

I have consigned several toggs to the Spotlight Sale, including the buck Locksmith in 1998 and he topped the sale, going for $3550!

I have exhibited at all the ADGA National Shows in California since I started in goats including the 2009 show in Sacramento and at the 2007 show in Wyoming and the 2002 show in Colorado.

Thanks to Trisha Walker I added an exciting new togg herdsire Huricane-PM RBM New Guy in 2008 and one of his daughters is the beautiful CH Eder's Zenyatta . Eder's  Navigator is the AI sire of my  togg buckling, Eder's Commander.

The only alpine buck here currently is Andretti, a buckling sired by SG Redwood Hills Revolution Speed. He is a large very correct sundgau. Andretti daughters are being bred to Redwood Hills Lance Chesney.

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I follow a CAE prevention program, testing through WSU every year. My herd is currently 100% CAE negative. Any kids I pull as well as all pre-ordered kids if requested are raised on heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk . I do allow some of the does to raise their own kids.


Family Dairy Goat & Herd History

My start in dairy goats dates back to Christmas 1959 in Rialto, CA when I was 11. I had started in 4H earlier that year with a lamb but my best friend had an alpine kid. I decided I wanted a toggenburg.  My parents gave me a gift certificate good for a toggenburg doe kid from the prestigious  Naja herd in central CA. That kid Naja Lisellate cost $35 sight unseen. Lisa never amounted to much but she was the grand dam of my 1st permanent champion GCH Eder’s Princess Loli-pop (Loli-pop in turn was the dam of my 1st Spotlight Sale buck Eder’s Chief).

My parents would buy me 3 more togg does.  Two were litter mate daughters of Laurelwood Acres Sailor out of a Chimneyrock Spark Nugget daughter, Four Acres Princess Ilona (known as Lucy) and her sister Inola. The other was a Lockhaven doe whose name escapes me but Dorothy Locklin became my mentor and lifelong friend. All of my toggs go back to Lisa & Lucy.  Lucy lived til she was almost 17, freshening last at 14, was a Top Ten doe while at Laurelwood Acres while I was in college, and classified in the very first year of classification at 16 yrs dry 87. I have bred toggs continuously under the Eder's herdname ever since, seldom buying animals.

I was lucky to have within driving distance (and a mother willing to do it) some excellent bloodlines.  Bucks used in those first years included Col-Ari-Call Macaroon’s Mark, Nixon’s Andy and a number of Laurelwood Acres and Lockhaven bucks.

The one time that I did buy some does that had a big impact on my herd was when we lived in San Diego county in the 1970s  across the street from Art & Mary Troesch of Atomic Acres. They were moving to MO and selling many nice animals.  I bought Atomic Acres Nanette and her dry yearling daughter Kila. Both were sired by Diamond Sunshine Carouse but the doe line went back to Lisa & Lucy. At that time I choose not to take Kila’s sister Kay had an injury to her shoulder from a dog attack and I thought would never be showable. The next year Kila freshened with a gorgeous udder and easily finished her championship and both she and Nanette were milking very well on test. Kay was owned by a 4Her who did not get her bred, so as never freshened, very small 2 year old (with snowshoe hooves) Kay was again for sale. I got her for $35. Kay turned out to be the best show doe of the 3 and her shoulder (which appeared to be a hole in the shoulder blade) was never noticed in the show ring). All of my current animals go back o these does. And all except one of my toggs are still purebred.

My sister Judy got an alpine from my friend the same year I started with toggs. She used the Judy’s herdname in the 60s & early 70s. She bred Judy’s El Dorado used in the Haasenda herd and Judy’s Playboy used by Lockhaven Ranch. She sold the goats when she went to college but later her son’s had the Slota’s herd of toggs and the Danby’s herd of saanens.

My husband Paul and children use the Colquitt’s herd name. Paul had a few saanens but lost interest in the goats a long time ago.  Jon & Phillip are twins and I started them both with toggs but thought it was not a good idea for them to always compete directly with each other. So I asked if one was interested in a different breed. Phillip wanted alpines and Jon wanted saanens!! Jon lost interest soon thereafter and the saanens became younger sister Suzy’s.  For info on the saanens click the saanen button on my website and read Jenifer’s story and Jasmine’s story. We are still breeding some lovely American alpines which now comprise half the herd. The alpines descend from one doe, Shadowcrest Highs Miss Mocha and all current herd members also descend from the wonderful buck I co owned with with a  friend Cherry Glen TRI Mojave.



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Our 2009 Breeding & Sale Brochure contains all information up to that date on the Eder's & Colquitt's herds.

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